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AH Wadia Boat

A.H Wadia Boat Builders


Goa Boat Show - AH Wadia Boat

What we expect :

Exploring Industry Development on the West Coast 🗺️ Whether it's infrastructure, regulations, or innovations, we are ready to explore all facets that will drive the indus

15M Patrol + Pilot Craft FRP - AH Wadia

In the maritime industry, vessels that can serve multiple purposes are efficient, versatile, and invaluable, like Swiss Army knives. The 15M Patrol + Pilot Craft FRP (Fiber Rein

A.H. Wadia, a famous company known for making excellent boats, has partnered with Veneziano Mall to bring a luxurious boating experience to Surat city. On 14 Feb 2024, this well-known boat-building company introduced its beautiful collection of boats at the stunning Venezian

Vessels are a necessity in certain areas of the maritime industry. They are the primary means used in different areas of the maritime industry. These vessels are essential for trade, commerce, exploration, and defense. For this reason, they are fundamental for global trade,