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AH Wadia Boat

A.H Wadia Boat Builders


Catalogue - A.H Wadia Boat Builders

For every beginner Enthusiast

Length O.A.18’.00” FT
Breadth O.A.7’.04” FT
Hull MaterialFRP
Intended ServicesSport cruise Runabout, Rescue, Ferry
Propulsion TypeOBM / Electric Propulsion
Speed25 Knots
Carrying Capacity8-12 Persons
Additional FeaturesSylish, Storage Space, GPS, Water Ski, Canopy, Duo tone Gelcoat, Unsinkable, LED Lights, Cushion Seats

18FT Runabout – Enjoy the weekend getaway with daycruiser.

  • Introducing our 18FT Runabout – the ultimate vessel for enjoying moments and surprising friends. This fast boat is your complete solution for standing out in style. With a sleek design, ample storage space, GPS navigation, water ski capability, a protective canopy, eye-catching duo-tone gelcoat, unsinkable construction, LED lights, and cushioned seats, it combines style and functionality for an unforgettable on-the-water experience. Embrace the thrill and make a statement with this all-in-one runabout.