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AH Wadia Boat


For every beginner Enthusiast

Length O.A. 18’.00” FT
Breadth O.A. 7’.04” FT
Hull Material FRP
Superstructure FRP
Intended Services Sport cruise Runabout, Rescue, Ferry
Classification IACS
Propulsion Type OBM / Electric Propulsion
Speed 25 Knots
Carrying Capacity 8-12 Persons
Additional Features Sylish, Storage Space, GPS, Water Ski, Canopy, Duo tone Gelcoat, Unsinkable, LED Lights, Cushion Seats

18FT Runabout – Enjoy the weekend getaway with daycruiser.

  • Introducing our 18FT Runabout – the ultimate vessel for enjoying moments and surprising friends. This fast boat is your complete solution for standing out in style. With a sleek design, ample storage space, GPS navigation, water ski capability, a protective canopy, eye-catching duo-tone gelcoat, unsinkable construction, LED lights, and cushioned seats, it combines style and functionality for an unforgettable on-the-water experience. Embrace the thrill and make a statement with this all-in-one runabout.