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An Overview Of The Services Offered

We also provide the marine sector the following services from our experiance and know how.

Boat Building Kits Supply

We supply Boat building parts in Metal or Wooden Framing, along with complete kit including its Shell plating, Stiffeners and major outfitting, for the shipyard to fabricate their own crafts.

We can also offer new shipyards Hull/Deck/Superstructure Mould and Plug Design and Manufacturing Services for builing their FRP Boats

We can also share 3D renderings to assist the construction process and assist the builder in each construction stage

Bespoke Boatbuilding

Boatbuiling is an art form and we can meticulously craft Boats with combination of styles and materials, Like we have built a 45M Wooden Tri-deck Yacht and other classic dhows. We share passion for boatbuilding in its original form and character. Modern boatbuiling and historic boatbuilding have differences in construction techniques and main material of Interior and Exterior is Wooden, With widely available modern materials, we can design solutions that have a complete marine theme to your boat and make it more personalized then ever before.

Marine Consultancy

Catalogue - A.H Wadia Boat Builders

We offer Services related to Boat construction, Design, Refit, Power Prediction, Design and Styling and Weight Analysis Studies. Our highly experienced team of Naval Architects and our industry partners can find solution for toughest marine problems.

Catalogue - A.H Wadia Boat Builders


Services - A.H Wadia Boat Builders
Our Designs keep evolving with time and we keep track of new market trends and requirements and make concept designs for the future. These designs can be customized to suit applications.Our Team can carry out complex analysis for Costing and Performance predictions and check its complaince to Marine regulatory body standards and requirements.We can make detailed 3D Designs and 3D print it to study it better.
Services - A.H Wadia Boat Builders


Services - A.H Wadia Boat Builders
Whatever the vessel, whatever the task, we have the skills and facilities to undertake structural repairs or replace equipment on board any class of vessel be it cargo, inshore, naval, offshore, support, tankers, workboats or yachts. Whether your ship has suffered a simple equipment failure or perhaps something more serious such as a collision, grounding or fire, our shipyards can handle everything from basic steelwork and piping to the most complex electrical and mechanical systems, as well as the repair and refit of interior accommodation.
A.H Wadia Boat Builders


Services - A.H Wadia Boat Builders
No matter the boat type or job, we have the skills and facilities for structural repairs or equipment replacement on various vessels, like security boats, pilot crafts, harbor crafts, workboats, and pleasure yachts up to 25 meters in length with wet docking availability. Whether it’s equipment replacement or major work like a collision, grounding, or fire, our shipyard can handle from basic steelwork and piping to equipment fitting, as well as interior accommodation repair and refit upto final survey.
Boat Repair - A.H Wadia Boat Builders


Services - A.H Wadia Boat Builders
The Design process being the foremost important part of any engineered project, it is led by a dedicated in-house team of naval architects and designers at A. H. Wadia Boat Builders, importance is given to optimize hull efficiency and vessel performance as well as practical construction approach. Utilizing 3D modeling and marine analysis softwares, we fair the hull shapes, reducing resistance and hydrodynamic characteristics. We sit with our clients and offer suitable interior and exterior layouts. Before production we analyse the structure to classification society standards. We ensure intact and damaged stability is complied, through industry-leading software analysis, and with meticulous weight estimation, ensuring the vessel floats on its designed lines.


Services - A.H Wadia Boat Builders
Embark on a journey of personalized boat excellence with our bespoke manufacturing. We’re not just building boats; we’re crafting your unique vision. Our focus is on blending innovation with practicality. By utilizing cutting-edge technology and precise manufacturing methods, we ensure your boat is as timeless as you desire. Have special requirements? No problem – we’re here to assist and offer the best of today’s world. The art of fine woodworking adds a touch of class to every detail. From concept to creation, experience the fusion of your ideas and advanced technology, resulting in a tailor-made masterpiece that sails beyond expectations. Your adventure awaits on the water!